A European election message from Kirsten and what you can do!

190429 EU GREEN Logo_greens-efaAs I write, Extinction Rebellion are hosting their final meeting in Berkley Square, to celebrate the return of the nightingale. Down the road, parliament are still at sixes and sevens about Brexit – yes, funny old world we live in.

But together, we can do something about it. Amid the turmoil, we have a real chance to offer voters, fed up with indecision on the things that really matter, a new alternative.

The polling is looking good for the Green Party and I am deeply proud of every environmental campaigner, who has never stopped shouting about a climate emergency.

On the Brexit front, Caroline Lucas has been unwavering in our demands for a People’s Vote on any deal, in an attempt to end the current chaos of government.

Greens are launching the strongest pro-European movement anywhere on the continent.  We are proud Europeans and we believe we are stronger IN Europe. Stronger together when standing up to the global threats of climate change, corporate greed, aggression, corruption and inequality.




A Green Wave of optimism is sweeping across Europe with the European Greens seeking to build bridges, not walls, standing up for freedom of movement, refugees and action on climate breakdown.

As one of the strongest Remain boroughs in the country, it seems only right that Camden should be represented on the list of candidates for the EU Elections in London. We have a strong and diverse London-wide team of 8 candidates, that reflect the population of London, and we’re keen to get our message out to every Londoner registered to vote.

As you well know, the Green Party do not have large political donors, we rely instead on individual donations to reach every Londoner.

We need to raise over £40,000 to deliver a freepost letter to every registered voter in London – just under 4 million people. Any excess funds will be spent on keeping as many London households as possible informed throughout the campaign. This is our best chance of Londoners hearing from us and being aware of what we in the Green Party stand for.

We started our London Green Party crowdfunder a couple of weeks ago and I’m pleased to say that we are 50% of the way there.

You can help us reach our target by

Donating to our crowdfunder if you can


Sharing this with any Green supporters you know 

Finally, do make sure you’re registered to vote by 7th May for the EU elections on 23 May. Any EU citizen from any member country can vote, more information HERE

Your support will be a real help to the campaign – so thanks for considering!

And if you have questions or suggestions, please send me an email to kirsten.dekeyser@camden.greenparty.org.uk

Best wishes


Kirsten de Keyser

MEP Candidate for London

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