It’s almost over, but which -anuary got your vote?

190125 veges 1So how’s your January coming along? It’s nearly over. Did you opt for Veganuary, or were you more inclined towards Dry January? My own local pub ingeniously featured an entire month of rolling (literally) events, which they called Ginuary.

Personally, I don’t go for any of them, they’re all far too intrusive for my busily lethargic lifestyle. I just carry on living by numbers. Happy days.

But I have had to endure the endless bleatings of everyone around me, beating themselves up over the small glass of red wine, consumed in the broom cupboard, one desperate evening. Or the hapless customer, who ordered an ordinary Greggs sausage roll, accidentally on purpose, forgoing the culinary delight of Greggs runaway bestseller Vegan Sausage Roll.

She should instead consider herself extremely fortunate to have walked into a Greggs that actually stocked any of said baked treats. She’s the only one of my mates, who managed to track down the genuine article.

Apart from me, of course. But then, I devoted an entire morning, in the interest of research, to visiting eight Greggs-es in strategically upwardly mobile locations. The baker had let slip that only certain carefully selected outlets would be blessed with stocks of this groundbreaking new line in comestibles, those with a particularly ‘receptive’ clientele. For the record, I also visited a crowded Greggs in downtown Dartford; “No we haven’t had any at all, don’t know where you can get them, sorry”.

Meanwhile, those of my friends who failed spectacularly – on day 3 – to stick to Veganuary, are now contemplating counselling. So I am sailing to the rescue.

My advice: don’t let the great stand in the way of the good. Forget about Veganuary, here comes Vegetanuary. Much more civilised. And there’s cheese.

I’ll even throw in seven delicious recipes for you to select from. You’ll have eaten all these meals already, only you never thought of them as veggie. So just head for the nearest freezer cabinet or get cooking!

Enjoy one a day to get your five-a-day, for the next seven days, or just have one meat free Vegetanuary day this week, and carry on like that for the next seven weeks.

  1. Green Thai vegetable curry & fluffy rice
  2. Mushroom Stroganoff with creamy mustard and chive mash
  3. Pasta pomodoro with green leaf salad
  4. Spanish omelette with steamed veggies and cheese
  5. Loaded baked potatoes with spring onion, sweetcorn and cheese and coleslaw
  6. Ratatouille provencal on a bed of brown rice
  7. Mac’n’Cheese

Job sorted. You’ll feel fantastic and ever so smug.

And you’ll thank me. You’re welcome.


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